DJ D-Sharp Brings the Beat to Golden State Warriors Games

DJ D-Sharp Brings the Beat to Golden State Warriors Games dj-d-sharp-warriors-finals-oracle

Oracle Arena is home to some of the most passionate and loudest fans in the NBA during Golden State Warriors games, and DJ D-Sharp is there to provide the soundtrack. Perched in a DJ console above the action on the court, D-Sharp keeps the energy up during game breaks with crowd favorites and classic tracks from Bay Area artists. The party continues with regular gigs at Oakland nightlife spots and other Bay Area clubs throughout the year. We caught up with D-Sharp during the Warriors NBA Finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers to find out his game-time DJ strategy and his favorite Oakland destinations. The Warriors return to Oracle Arena for the NBA Finals on Sunday for Game 5 and Tuesday for Game 6. When you started DJ'ing, did you ever imagine you would one day perform at the NBA Finals? I started DJ'ing when I was about 12 or 13 years old. When I started it was for fun. I was trying to be like the greats JMJ, Jazzy Jeff, etc. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be DJ'ing a NBA Finals. It's truly a blessing. How do you approach DJ'ing at Oracle Arena compared to a club gig? Club gigs are much easier because you can let songs play for a couple of verses and people go to clubs to hear club records. At Oracle, I do more of a DJ routine—quick transitions from song to song, mixing and a lot of scratching. I only get so many minutes per game to display what a true DJ can do with a sold-out crowd so it's got to be special. What are some of the best songs to get the crowd moving at the arena? Any Bay Area song always gets the crowd going. I get a lot of requests for Bay Area artists. I play a lot of the fan favorites in my sets. I try to pick records that speak to the moment or whatever is going on at the time. Say for instance, Steph hits a 3-pointer, then I play Drake "0 to 100" and juggle his line about Steph, "I been Steph Curry with the shot." What has been your favorite game-time moment to date? There are a lot. It's really hard to pick just one. If I had to pick one it would be when Curry crossed over Chris Paul. That was insane! I don't think that happened in our building, though. It also has to be playing Kanye West "All Day" and then having him walk up and thank me for it. That was pretty big! He was a cool guy, too. I was mad when the crowd booed him that night. (laughs) Where can we find you DJ'ing in Oakland when you not working a Warriors game? I DJ a lot at Parliament on any given weekend. I also do sets at Era Art Bar and The New Parish from time to time. Where are some of your favorite post-game spots in Oakland? Parliament is always fun. The Legionnaire Saloon is a cool spot to hang as well. A lot of the time post-game, you can find me in the BMW VIP Lounge in Oracle Arena. It's always a good vibe there and you never know who you'll run into. What are some of your favorite local restaurants? You can always find me on Lakeshore Ave. eating. I love Rolling Dunes and Lakeshore Cafe. I'm a brunch type of dude. I also absolutely love Kansai. It's my favorite Sushi spot in Oakland. What is Oakland's best-kept secret? Our music scene is very dope. A lot of great artist come out of Oakland. We never get the national recognition that we deserve but with artist like Kehlani, G-Eazy and Kev Choice, to name a few, I think the world will definitely start paying attention. What are your plans for the off-season? I plan on locking myself in the studio and working—production, production, production! I'm working on a few projects with some really dope artist and most of that material should be coming really soon. I have an EP that's almost done but I've been waiting for the off-season to really dig in and finish it. People know me as a DJ. This off-season I want to focus on DJ D-Sharp the producer.
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