123 Accounting Solutions

1 2 3 Accounting Solutions, Inc. brings 32 years of business management and 20 years of accounting expertise to assist small to medium size businesses with their bookkeeping and tax preparation needs. What differentiates them from other accounting firms is their ‘wholistic’ approach when evaluating their client’s needs. It is important for businesses to know their bottom line in order to make informed decisions. 1 2 3 Accounting Solutions, Inc. provides concrete data that will help the business owner do just that, while staying in compliance with the myriad of tax agencies.

“Folks sometimes think of accountants when it’s too late. They think they have to make a certain amount of money before they can hire a bookkeeper or tax preparer. Business owners spend a great deal of time looking backwards, playing catch-up and are unable to plan the route they want to take to achieve their business and financial goals. This is particularly true for the small business owner,” says President Christine DiBerardino.

1 2 3 Accounting Solutions, Inc. meets the client where they are and provides a road map to follow. So whether your bookkeeping is the shoe box method, a columnar pad, or the latest accounting software, 1 2 3 Accounting Solutions, Inc. can help make sense of it all. 1 2 3 Accounting Solutions, Inc. takes satisfaction that their motto is: We Mind Your Numbers So You Can Mind Your Business.