A Little World Montessori School

A Little  World  Montessori School, Preschool - serves children of 2 yrs to  6
yrs old Monday through Friday 7AM to 6PM, Our school is located in a
convenient quiet residential street in City of Richmond.  
  Based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, our school is
committed to creating a non-discriminatory atmosphere where every
child's unique nature is valued.  The   classrooms    foster    individual    
growth,  create   a   sympathetic community that enables children to  work
out conflicts and  to  develop    loving  relations  with peers  and  adults.  
Teachers   offer  a  multi -sensory learning   environment     that    promotes
 respect,  cooperation,  order  and  choice  within  limits.  Through   
individual   and   small    group lessons, and    the  extensive  experience  
of peer teaching, a child's  natural desire to learn  is nurtured and
cultivated  throughout   the  most   formative   years.   By     cherishing     
ethnic   differences   and    supporting economic  diversity,  we  create  a   
community   that  encourages  global  awareness  and  social  
responsibility.  We    strive  to  cultivate   each    child's  natural desire to  
learn  and  to  foster   his/her   natural   curiosity   and   love   of  knowledge.