Alex Adelman Masterworks Fine Art

Selling works from all eras of fine art from Warhol screenprints to Picasso paintings to Rembrandt etchings. Invest in signed originals at 25-50% off gallery retail prices. Certificate of Authenticity included, and free annual appraisal for life.

Director Alex Adelman Masterworks Fine Art aims to educate his clients about the pieces that interest them. Enclosed with every purchase is relevant historical catalog documentation and other mentions of the artwork.

Picasso etching:
Le Faune (The Faun), 1958

Picasso ceramics:
Engraved Bottle, 1954
Landscape, 1953

Warhol screenprint:
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
Warhol Dollar Signs

Kroa B (ca 1966-1969)

Our collection includes Old Master Prints, such as Durer woodcuts and Rembrandt etchings. These works are centuries old and in excellent condition. Feel free to call Alex Adelman to discuss a work that you own or a work that you want.