Awakening Transformation Hypnotherapy and Reiki

Awakening Transformation Hypnotherapy And Reiki

Inner Awakening, Outer Transformation -Transform old patterns & unwanted behaviors -Release negative emotions -Get to the source of your issues -Attain clarity and insight about your life purpose -Create healthy relationships -Establish a deep connection to your Higher Self Hypnotherapy & Reiki are positive and empowering processes of self-discovery and healing. You will gain access to inner wisdom and find new paths and ideas opening up for you. Hypnosis is a natural state of being relaxed and yet focused. People flow in and out of states of hypnosis throughout the day. For example, being engrossed in a movie is a form of hypnotic trance. In hypnosis the subconscious mind is accessed. The subconscious is more open and responsive to suggestion than the everyday critical mind, therefore great transformation is possible at this level. FREE PHONE CONSULTATION - We are happy to answer your questions about how Hypnotherapy and Reiki can help you specifically

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