Beautiful Loks

Our way of locking is unique and ancient at the same time. We do not need to use wax, Gel, oils or butters to lock your hair. In fact we are proud to say that we actually LOCK your Hair. We use a special tools and method that fuses your hair from the very beginning. The BEST part of all of this is YOUR HAIR DOES NOT
UNRAVEL AFTER A WASH. Now you can enjoy swimming, steam room and other fun stuff with out worrying about your hair.

We at Beautiful Loks are committed to your total relaxation experience. We offer one-on-one service in a calm and soothing environment. NO WAITING AND NO OVER BOOKING.We save you time, we are fast, efficient and friendly. Now you can enjoy being pampered and taken care of fully.

Come in for a free consultation and see what we are doing or check us out on and see what others are saying about us. To view some of your work you can find us on Hope to see you soon