Change Makers

Vision Statement: To create a space where every woman and girl can find respect, inspiration and resources that promote her total wellness. We aim to improve the lives of women individually and collectively through education, enrichment, networking and building a strong women’s community in the Bay Area and Nationwide.

Values Statement: We are dedicated to:
*Promoting Respect and Celebration of all Women and Girls, including Mother Nature
*Celebrating Diversity of culture, color, lifestyle, faith, ability, age & shape
*Promoting Prosperity and Independence for women
*Promoting Health, Recovery and total Wellness for women
*Honoring the Legacy of our Foremothers & our Granddaughters
*Serving & promoting all women trying to change the world, especially the Feminist, Lesbian, Women of Color, Women's Spirituality and Activist Communities
*Encouraging Education, Intelligence, Consciousness and Personal Responsibility for everyone
*Creating an atmosphere of Love and Beauty...