Conga Lounge

Conga Lounge

The Conga Lounge embodies the essence of retro cool. A local bar that breaks away from the average hum-drum of our digitized world with kitschy lounge music, 50's decor, old movies and great island cocktails, the Conga Lounge will make you feel as if Don Ho could come walking through the door at any minute. This bar is a local favorite of hep cats and cool chicks that are longing for an extended stay in the islands, but whose budget allows for a bar tab instead of a plane fare.

During the 1940’s and 1950’s new bars and nightclubs began to pop up across the US, attempting to capture a South Seas flavor by sporting exotic Polynesian style décor, food and ambience.

Although the first “tiki bar” opened in Los Angeles, the movement reached a fever pitch when Victor Bergeron transformed his little bar on San Pablo and 65th, Hinky Dink’s into Trader Vic’s. He shook up a popular drink and named it “Mai Tai” (Tahitian for “out of this world”)

In the years that followed, Oakland became a hot bed of Tiki culture. It became home not only to Trader Vic’s and his Mai Tai, but Zombie Village (kitty corner to Vic’s) and Bali Hai (325 20th street) These bars are no more, but we now are proud to introduce …

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