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Struggling thru confusion, difficulties, and pain can be a lonely, experience. Life can throw us many unexpected challenges; divorce, death, job loss, relationship problems, traumatic experiences, difficulty parenting. Challenges that can paralyze us deflate us; cause us to drift away from those we love and the joy in life.

Our hope lies in using those challenges as an opportunity to grow, to discover who you are, what you love, and the core of your life?s purpose.
To take those opportunities to become stronger and more determined to live the life YOU CHOOSE.

Working with a licensed psychotherapist can guide you on your unique path. Teach you to trust yourself, learn how to understand your needs and ask with confidence for what you want.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC#42494), with a Masters degree in Counseling (1993). I have been helping adults and children for over 15 years.
I offer:
Individual psychotherapy - discovering and creating your own life's path.
Marriage/couples counseling- deepening intimacy and drawing toward each other instead of away.
Attachment parenting - strengthening the parent-child bond (including co-parenting for divorced families)
Healing thru grief and loss

Please call for your free initial phone consultation to learn how I can help you thru your struggels to a more joy-filled life!

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