Dana Meyer Auto Care


As an independent car care shop we provide an excellent track record of well executed repairs and reliable advice. Sometimes people will come in with a long list of repairs recommended by their dealer. We are very good at prioritizing these repairs by importance and showing you which can be spaced out.

When working with an independent auto care shop like ours you can expect:
-A knowledgeable person at the counter who can discuss your car and your needs with you
-Expert car diagnosis. Any diagnosis can indicate a number of possible problems, some common and some less common place. We save our clients money, by honing in on the true problem. This way we aren’t just replacing the obvious and hoping for the best, rather we replace or repair what is needed
-Recommended repairs prioritized by importance. If we notice a condition that will require attention before your next service, we will let you know
-We will take into account how much you drive and under what conditions when we recommend repairs and service; if you don’t drive much, then your routine service can be spaced out more
-A detailed service report from the technician who worked on your car

Come to our auto care shop for Japanese car repair, Volkswagen repair or American car repair including:

Scheduled Maintenance, i.e. 30k, 60k, 90k factory recommended service
Auto Diagnostics
Electrical Repair
Brakes and Clutches
Air Conditioning
Engine Repair
Cooling Systems
Water Pumps
All Mechanical Repairs
Nitrogen Tire Service
To keep a warranty in effect, the factory required maintenance must be completed on schedule. The requirement is that the work be done, not necessarily by a dealer as many people believe.