Downtown Berkeley Bart

We march to support this call by people in the Iranian women’s movement:
If you are against death by stoning!
If you are against forced veiling!
If you are against prosecution and imprisonment of women!
If you are against lashing a woman’s body!
If you are against any form of male chauvinism!
If you are against all unequal medieval laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran against women!
Join the great walk of women against anti-woman laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran on March 8, 2006!

Where: Gather at the Downtown Berkeley Bart Station on Shattuck Avenue
When: Wednesday, March 8 4pm
Who: Women and all who support their emancipation

Organized by the Adhoc Committee for International Women’s Day
[email protected]

No to Theocracy - Oppose the anti-woman laws of Iran AND Bush’s anti-woman McCrusade!
Support the Right to Abortion and Birth Control!
No to US Imperialism/ No US Attacks on Iran!
Unleash the Fury of Women as a Mighty Force for Revolution