Gmc The Handyman

We specialize in residential repair & improvements.

Services We Offer:

1. Decorative Painting (Home Interior)

2. Custom Valance & Crown Molding

3. Fabrication & Finishing

4. Custom Furniture

5. Basic Electrical

6. Custom Refinishing

7. Decks Treatment and Clean-up

8. Antique Restoration

9. Drywall Installation & Wall Texturing

10. Floor Removal & Installation

a. Tile Flooring

b. Laminate Floors

c. Hardwood Floors

d. Vinyl Flooring

11. Door Replacement and Installation

12. Cabinets, Counter Tops, Shelving, and Storage Installation

13. Wall & Ceiling Insulation

14. Plumbing

a. Faucet Repair and Installation

b. Toilet Repair and Installation

c. Sink Installation

d. Garbage Disposal Installation

For free estimates: call Gary Christo @ 650-219-9697 ot send an email to [email protected]

License # 122596