Humanist Hall

How can individuals foster awareness in their community of the need to live sustainably, and what can be done after they understand this need? This workshop draws from the instructors’ experience in Willits, California, where the need to “localize” the economy in terms of food, energy and basic goods production has garnered broad political appeal. Learn how to frame messages around common values, motivate action based on the tension between fear and desire, and explore some basic “how-to” guidelines for organizing communities around an economic relocalization agenda.
Instructors: Jason Bradford and Brian Weller, Willits Economic Localization Project
• Hands-on instruction from the Willits Economic Localization Project organizers
• Morning and Afternoon Sessions Covering:
o Fostering public awareness of the need to relocalize
o Using the “Inventory, Vision, Plan, Action” process
o Conducting a local asset and natural resource assesment
Organic lunch!