Noles Ana Psyd

Each individual or couple's suffering is unique. Gaining awareness of the roots, as well as the patterns and obstacles that perpetuate that suffering, opens the door to addressing it. You may have achieved significant success, yet struggle with a pervasive sense of dissatisfaction or even emptiness. Depression and anxiety may weigh you down, and in spite of your efforts relationships unravel and you encounter difficulties at work. Couples may find themselves acting and fighting in ways that are difficult to decipher and that leave each partner with feelings such as rage, fear, or despair. It's not unusual to be confused about the sources of your suffering and difficulties. Becoming curious about these experiences with me can help you gain insight and take action in developing new ways of relating to yourself and others, and acquiring the strength and flexibility to live your life differently.

In our work together I will focus on your thoughts & feelings, and respect the strengths that you bring to our work. I will also attend to those parts of yourself that are out of your conscious awareness, sharing my observations so that you can develop awareness in your day-to-day existence of how these unconscious parts govern so much in your life. If you come seeking help as a couple, I will help you to make meaning of your interactions, and to discover the unconscious fears, anxieties, hopes and expectations that play a big role in how you relate to each other. This awareness is a vital factor in liberating you to flourish and live your life fully.

We will meet at least once weekly in 50-minute sessions to provide consistency in your treatment and an opportunity to explore and understand your experiences in depth. People often find that engaging in therapy more than once weekly helps them to significantly increase the benefits of this work. However, we will go at the pace that suits your needs and you will be key in helping to determine what that pace is.

I offer a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to determine if we are a good match to embark on this important work together. Give me a call at 510-496-6066 so that we can discuss how I can help you. Keep in mind that I have offices in Berkeley as well as downtown San Francisco that are both easily accessible by car or public transportation. I look forward to speaking with you.