Pacific School Of Religion

California witchcraft came out of the closet in 1990 at a unique event beginning with a screening of film and video archives, followed by a brief rain spell in that year of drought, and a lively panel discussion. Facilitated by Macha NightMare and videotaped, “California Traditions: 20 Years of the Craft in California” resulted in a rare documentary.

This coming January, Macha, filmmaker Jo Carson, and video archivist Greg Harder join once more with colleagues to present “Visions of the Past and Memories of the Future: NeoPaganism in California.”

Like Haley’s Comet, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Precious, never-before-seen archival footage of events spanning 35 years, and a panel of eclectic elders, will honor what has gone before and celebrate what is to come. This event will be documented and made available for sale in DVD format, along with a DVD version of “California Traditions.”