Sunny Town Family Daycare

Lyubov's daycare is a licensed family-run childcare service for children aged 0 to 5 years. Our service hours are Monday-Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. Our Walnut Creek facility is perfect for the needs of most families.

* Located in a safe, quiet neighborhood 5 minutes from B.A.R.T., and 2 minutes from the I-680 Treat Blvd. exit
* 300 sq. ft. indoor play/care room and 300 sq. ft. separate dedicated sleeping area
* 1800 sq. ft. outdoor play area that is full of toys, and it includes a mist cooling system for hot days
* Facility is meticulously clean and organized
* Over 14 years experience

Our staff is friendly and competent.

* Family oriented. We encourage good social and familial relationship between children and others
* Everyone at the facility speaks English and Russian fluently

Our program caters to the needs of growing, learning children.

* Freshly cooked meals-breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
* Weekly in-house gymnastics, music and school lessons
* Educational books, toys, and activities to help prepare children for kindergarten

We love each child as if it were our own, and take our work very seriously. We strive to give your child the type of care that you would give them. Give your child the type of care that only family gives.

For questions, references, enrollment interview please call Lyubov at (925) 947-1215.