Tamara T. Thebert, Lmft

Wake up tomorrow morning without the dread. Relieve the pressure of your daily struggle by getting the support you deserve! I can help you change your relationship to the thoughts, emotions, behaviors and energies that create suffering. Although I have seen clients for as many as five years, most people benefit from goal-oriented, short-term therapy that averages between 16-20 sessions.

I specialize in helping women and adolescent girls recover from trauma, grief, and depression (including suicidality). I also see clients for related issues such as:

• Increasing Self-Esteem, Self-Acceptance, Self-Confidence, and Resilience

• Stress-Reduction during Transitions

• Spiritual emergence/emergency

• Relationship Difficulties due to Trauma-Related Coping Behaviors

• Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

My office is in the Rockridge District in Oakland and is a short walk from the BART station.

Call Tamara Thebert, LMFT at 510-379-5246 to schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation. For more information, go to www.psychospiritualcounseling.net.

Niche: artists, LGBTQ (gender queers, F to M’s, and M to F’s welcomed and appreciated), mixed heritage, students, spiritual seekers (including those who wish to work with someone who understands the guru-disciple relationship), women, unique individuals who are often misunderstood and/or not appreciated for their perspectives and experiences, anyone who wants to do more than just survive.

Appointments are available Tuesdays-Thursdays. My full fee is $85/hour; however, if you feel strongly about working together, please contact me. I have a small number of lower fee slots based on income. See the website for more information.