Temple Bar— Tiki Bar & Grill

If Cal offered a degree in Hawaiian cultural studies, drinking and dining at Temple Bar would be a core requirement for graduation. Here you're encouraged to hang out with everyone, and believe us everyone will want to hang out with you because the
atmosphere is like a family reunion; one that you really want to go to that is. Classic Pacific Rim dining fare mix with island cocktails and on the weekends catch the live Hawaiian music.

Temple Bar Tiki Bar & Grill offers the ultimate in a tropical setting for the relaxation of your guest.  We specialize in serving Hawaii's favorite food at its best.  Exotic cocktails from our beautiful full bar a made from real fruit and fruit juice nectars.  You can request or download our catering menu from our catering web page and requests for proposals are sent by email so that you can begin planning your special event.  We have five different Luau Buffet menus from which to choose or you can select your own finger food appetizer items or dinner items to plan your own menu.  Seating capacity is 85-90 guests with seating at the bar and in our upper diningroom area.  Activities include karaoke, live music (using our house band or your own), dancing, wide screen sports TV, or board games.