Body Time

When they opened their first store-the original Body Shop-in 1970, on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, people would stop to watch as they cut and wrapped freshly made soaps and poured and labeled individual bottles of lotions and perfume oils. Today, with three shops in Berkeley and one each in San Francisco, Oakland and San Anselmo, they still operate their business in much the same way as when they began. They have kept their prices low by avoiding costly packaging and have maintained their commitment to the environment by producing only biodegradable products. They do not perform any animal testing of their products. Their bath and body products include concentrated perfume oils (yes, they created the enormously popular China Rain Fragrance), lotions, massage oils, shampoos, aromatherapy essential oils, liquid and bar soaps and facial care products. Body Time also offers custom scenting of many of its unscented products using your choice of their perfume oils or essential oil blends.