CreAsian opened our doors in 2000. With the warm
welcome of the community, business flurished and
expanded next door with a bar in 2003.

CreAsian Bistro offers reasonably-priced innovative
dishes from various Asian cuisines.

CreAsian – Taste of the Himalayas in San Leandro.

Food from India has been popular for decades. The exotic spices and mouthwatering cuisine have filled many hearts with joy and this will only continue to grow. In 2005, Taste of the Himalayas Restaurant ( opened in the neighborhood of Gourmet Ghetto, North Berkeley. The vision was simple; provide the finest Himalayan cuisine to the community. The restaurant serves all kinds of food covering different parts of Himalayan regions. Taste of the Himalayas defines its business with two philosophies; food and hospitality. Since its initiation in 2005, the restaurant has hosted many cultural events featuring many local artists and renowned musicians. The purpose was to introduce rich cultures of Nepal and India to the community. Taste of the Himalayas has been featured in various news portals such as Berkeley Daily Planet’s “Berkeley’s Best: Taste of the Himalayas” and San Francisco Chronicle’s "A new Taste of the Himalayas brings the magic of momos to Shattuck location" . Since the Berkeley community accepted them wholeheartedly, they were even more determined to give more give back to the community by collaborating with Karma Kitchen ( Their sole purpose was to pay it forward for those dine after you. Taste of the Himalayas then expanded their venture by opening another restaurant in Berkeley named Himalayan Flavors which features a Banquet Hall. Himalayan Flavors voluntarily offer the space for local meeting to clubs like Lions Club of Annapura Berkeley.
With strong support and ambition from the team of Taste of the Himalayas and Himalayan Flavors, the team is on the verge of introducing the first ever Himalayan restaurant in San Leandro. CA. Their motto has never changed and the team is committed than ever to bring the finest Himalayan cuisine alongside Chinese fusion to the local community of San Leandro and beyond.

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