With a name this hard to pronounce it must be German. One glance at Speisekammer's menu confirms it. This Alameda restaurant serves traditional German fare like bratwurst with sauerkraut, potato pancakes with applesauce, pickled herring with sour cream, pickles, onions, and apples, wiener schnitzel, and roasted pork in beer sauce. Vegetarians need not worry as vegetarian options are available at Speisenkammer. So when you need some hearty food to take the edge of the San Francisco fog, Speisekammer restaurant and beer garden will rise to the challenge.

There is a word in the German language that has no counterpart in English:Gemutlichkeit.

It connotes a combination of comfort, friendship, and the general sentiment of being completely at ease with yourself and your surroundings.

Speisekammer is Gemutilich.

Peter Kahl, owner and chef, was born, raised and marinated in Germany. Cindy Kahl owned Cafe du Nord, a San Francisco nightclub-landmark, for eleven years. Together they will provide you with an experience you'll be eager to repeat. Original German recipies and great live music.

Artists who have appeared at Speisekammer include Sara & Swingtime, The Frisky Frolics, Ereland Oye (of the Kings Of Convenience), Tippy Canoe & the Paddleman, Call & Response, Bart Davenport, The Moore Brothers, Greg Loicano (Mother Hips), Dave Gleason and many other local and international luminaries.

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